SeaBait Ltd, Franklin, MaineSeaBait
SGC was presented with the unique opportunity of providing professional services to Seabait Maine LLC, a subsidiary of a UK-based company, in its effort to expand production to the United States. As a pioneer of sustainable mass culture of high-quality marine (sandworms) seaworms, Seabait required survey, master planning, building and civil design services to construct a facility in the Bangor area. Seabait is the first commercial worm farm of its type in this country.

Following SGC’s completion of a boundary and topographic survey, building and site design, alternatives were reviewed with Seabait to meet current needs as well as provide an opportunity to expand the facility as the company continues to grow. The major challenge with the design of the facility was managing the steep topography of the site, maintaining existing historic structures as well as minimizing ledge removal. The layout of Seabait’s grow-out operation requires a large, well insulated warehouse-type building with extensive internal plumbing. Balancing cut and fill quantities while minimizing predicted ledge removal proved challenging in locating the 53,000 ft² facility on the site.

SGC ultimately provided the civil/site design for the new facility as well as the detail design of the structural foundations for the prefabricated warehouse the company had selected in advance.

Seabait Grow-Out Facility