PipelineSurvey.Today’s regulatory environment, coupled with the increasing demands to operate and maintain an efficient pipeline system, have posed significant challenges to the traditional concept of pipeline As-Built surveys. The need to know the specific location of the pipeline on the face of the earth, weld locations, coating changes, class changes and even the location of specific joints of pipe within a system. This knowledge is critical to complying with regulations, minimizing environmental disturbances and providing cost savings during O&M activities. SGC understands these requirements, as well as new initiatives being considered by the regulators. By leveraging GIS and mobile technologies, SGC has developed specific processes that provide a new level of data management about a pipeline system as it is being constructed. These processes eliminate the need for additional third party contractors for materials tracking during initial pipe handling and provide a single dataset for the project materials. Integral to SGC’s as-built survey is a QA/QC process to ensure that the pipeline is being constructed according to plans. SGC’s system includes customized reporting to Project Management such that noted issues may be remedied quickly and provides timely data outputs that are compatible with industry standard data models. As a result, the pipeline operator has a complete set of the data they need to operate the system safely and in compliance with the regulations shortly after construction is complete.