SGC is a critical link to the Independent System Operator, for both Utilities and Independent Power Producers.  Due to its extensive experience in the area, SGC is able to provide a wide range of services, including:


  • Work with ISO/RTO to understand their process, develop applications as appropriate, populate application with relevant data,
  • Work with ISO/RTO on study scoping, report development, and interpretation


  • Understand electric utility needs, regulatory expectations, and utility customer needs – This is based on extended utility employment, so able to see the project as the utility would
  • Understand the non utility clients needs, drivers and expectations. In the process, are able to interpret between the two, helping to ensure understanding and smooth relationship, resulting in more cost effective projects, improved project schedules, and reduced frustration
  • Understand electric utility designs, as such SGC is able to design a utility grade interface that will be accepted by utility staff for possible future ownership, or just acceptable interconnection.


  • Coordination between client, utility, ISO, vendor, other interested parties – having worked on all sides of a project, SGC is able to speak the specific language that may be unique to that party, and help other interested/impacted parties understand the need and intent.


  • High level interconnection options analysis – able to suggest various options, budget and compare with multiple criteria, such as land rights, environmental, design impacts, stakeholder interests, etc.
  • Either perform various studies as needed for feasibility analysis considerations, or represent the owner in this and other studies, ensuring that their interests are considered, and that they understand the output from the report.
  • Review studies/reports as available for other or related projects and interpret them for clients proposed project.