SouthPortland_AGOL_HomeSGC provides a proven approach to ArcGIS Online integration through our solution-based GIS support services.  SGC’s experienced and dedicated GIS team works closely with clients to identify and understand project needs, devise a strategy and plan, and effectively deliver a solution.  We specialize in spatial data compilation and custom application development using ArcGIS Online giving our clients the tools they need to effectively deliver cloud based solutions to both internal staff and the public.  SGC has extensive experience with Esri products and the ArcGIS Online for Organizations platform.  Most recently, SGC has provided ArcGIS Online-Based solutions supporting of real estate management and sales, state-wide transportation rights-of-way management, and municipal utility infrastructure operations and maintenance.

Areas of Expertise:

  • ArcGIS Online Organization Design and Setup
  • Collector for ArcGIS Application Design and Development
  • Map Service Creation and Symbology
  • Spatial Data Management