DSC01156SGC leverages its extensive experience with Esri based GIS products to deliver proven solutions to Mobile GIS development with Collector for ArcGIS.  Collector allows the user to easily collect and update both spatial and attribute data in the field using a smartphone or tablet with easy-to-use map-driven forms.  It allows the use of maps anywhere to ground-truth data, make observations, and respond to events in real-time.  Collector allows users to download maps to their device and work offline if connectivity is unavailable.

SGC has worked with many organizations, public and private, to build field applications for data collection, inspection, and maintenance.  Our clients often require easy-to-use tools that retain the components of  pre-existing paper forms that utilize a digital field input process and data standardization to improve QA/QC by reducing transcription errors.  Collector allows the forms to be directly developed from the geodatabase, which preserves the list of possible values for each data input and ensures the integrity of the data while streamlining the field collection process.  Tablet computers and smartphones can be used in conjunction with Collector for real time field data collection, which can be monitored and assessed via browser based dashboards by project managers.