Plant ImageThe Clinch River project, a 16” natural gas pipeline expansion project, sourced natural gas from the US domestic supply to one of the oldest American Electric Power coal-fired plants.   Due to increased US regulatory clean air requirements, this plant was being transformed from coal to a cleaner natural gas power source. SGC provided professional survey engineering services including construction staking, As-Built data collection, and data processing to support the pipeline construction project.

A large focus of the project was on materials tracking of pipe materials, setting this project apart from other typical As-Built pipeline projects. Using the suite of SGC’s internal materials tracking modules integrated with cloud based solutions, pipeline materials were tracked and managed from yard to ditch. The key to maintaining materials data was SGC’s constant inventory of materials. By utilizing field tablets, photo documentation and GPS receivers in connection with the cloud, data was transferred nightly and analyzed immediately the following day for consistency. Discrepancies uncovered in the office were sent back to the field for verification the day after data was collected in the field. Using streamlined As-Built processes, SGC was able to deliver a comprehensive database at project completion, which integrated with the client’s PODS based system.

Appalachian Natural Gas