Bath, Maine

The Bath Iron Works Land Level Transfer Facility was a 300 million dollar construction project associated with a 16-acre concrete deck. Built in the Kennebec River, the facility allows the shipyard to build three Aegis Destroyers concurrently on a level surface as opposed to the traditional inclined surface.

In October 1998, the shipyard began construction of this facility. The size and complex nature of the project and its location provided several challenges with respect to survey data to support the construction of the facility. SGC provided continuous survey engineering services over the three-year duration of the project. Initially, our objective was to establish a Geodetic Control Network that would endure during the life of the construction. During construction, SGC was responsible for setting up a real-time kinematic GPS system to provide precision survey control for simultaneous pile-driving operations by as many as four barges located in the Kennebec River. In total, over 4,000 piles were driven and controlled by real-time GPS. SGC also performed all construction layout services including the critical rail systems within relative accuracies of +/-0.01’ horizontally and vertically.

SGC supported this project with an onsite survey manager and as many as five fully equipped field crews working two shifts. Armed with accurate survey controls, the construction of this state-of-the-art facility was completed on time.

Bath Iron Works Land Level Transfer Facility