City-of-South-Portland_GIS_ProjectThe City of South Portland has been managing the City’s Street Openings Program via GIS for close to a decade.  When a road or utility repair needs to take place within a city ROW, the contractors who are responsible for making the repair are also responsible to warranty that repair for a period of 4 years.  With close to 1,000 repairs under warranty at any one time on City streets, the City was finding themselves having to use City funds to repair potholes and sunken road patches that were actually the responsibility of others.  GIS has provided a management system for all street openings and as a result, a mechanism for managing the warranty periods for those repairs. This allows the City to assign repair responsibilities appropriately.  Until 2015, the process for conducting and managing street opening repair inspections (even with GIS) was disconnected, requiring a check-out/check-in process using replica databases on mobile platforms.  To improve on the City’s street opening inspection workflows, SGC  worked with the City  to transition away from locally managed GIS datasets and disconnected field inspection workflows to a cloud-based hosted service ArcGIS Online for Organizations solution.  SGC was responsible for database re-design and modeling, ArcGIS Online setup, site graphics, site design, service publishing, web maps, web apps, operations dashboards, and training.

City of South Portland