SGC provided electrical engineering services for the design of two landfill gas-fueled power plants in Delaware. Both projects included the installation of multiple engineer-generator sets with all supporting equipment to generate power by combusting landfill gas from adjacent landfill sites. As part of this project, the power output from these facilities was interconnected to the local utility.

Working in conjunction with Industry and Energy Associates (IEA), SGC performed the engineering design and delivered engineering notes and sketches that were transcribed for consistency by IEA in CAD format. Upon completion of the CAD engineering plans, SGC reviewed and assisted in the preparation of final construction drawings.

The engineering deliverables included subsurface design drawings, power and lighting plans, grounding drawings, one-line and three-line diagrams, wiring and interconnection diagrams, low and medium voltage elementary diagrams, cable and raceway schedules, panel schedules, and a motor list. A technical review of material and equipment specifications was also completed.

Gas Power Plants – Delaware Solid Waste Authority