The 300 Loop Line Project involved the installation of seven looping segments in Pennsylvania and New Jersey totaling approximately 128 miles of 30-inch pipeline, and the addition of approximately 52,000 horsepower following the installation of two new compressor stations and upgrades at seven existing compressor stations.

SGC performed the geodetic and photogrammetric control surveys on this project. A static GPS network was developed encompassing the entire project area utilizing existing National Geodetic Survey (NGS) monuments. The network design included the NGS monuments and new monuments set at intervals of 2 to 3 miles along the pipeline corridor. The new monuments were constrained to the NGS monuments and measured to centimeter accuracy. SGC then surveyed aerial photography ground control monuments along the entire pipeline corridor.

All other subsequent surveys for the project including engineering design and environmental surveys were based on these control surveys.

El Paso Corporation – 300 Loop Expansion Project