SGC provided survey, civil/site design and permitting services associated with the development of a 17-lot residential subdivision on 46 acres. Approximately two thirds of the project site was an unrestored gravel pit. Additionally, the site had been used as a landfill disposal site for nearly 500 tons of discarded tires. The unrestored gravel pit with its irregular terrain, exposed gravel surface, and scattered, sparse vegetation required that the entire impacted area be regraded and revegetated to achieve both functional and aesthetic restoration. Restoration criteria included not only the removal of the discarded tires in an approved manner, but also that regrading be volume-neutral utilizing the materials on site to achieve economic objectives. In addition, stormwater that had been exiting the disturbed area of the site had to be managed onsite. The project was designed as a cluster subdivision with attractive functional lots, retaining approximately 13 acres as undeveloped open space. This design effort took a “Negative Visual Feature” as described by the Town’s master planning effort and created an attractive residential community with open space suitable for active recreational use.

The subdivision design included approximately 1,800 feet of new road, a stormwater detention forebay, and stormwater infiltration meadow. The size of the project required approval from the Town, and a Site Location of Development Permit from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.


Foxes Gore Subdivision