For well over a decade the Town of Yarmouth, Maine has been a consumer of GIS to support municipal mapping, assessing, planning, inspections, and various other operation and maintenance activities.  In 2015, SGC  worked with the town of Yarmouth, Maine to transition away from locally managed GIS datasets and disconnected field inspection workflows, to a cloud-based hosted service ArcGIS Online for Organizations solution.  SGC was responsible for database re-design and modeling, ArcGIS Online setup, site graphics, site design, service publishing, web maps, web apps, moving all ArcPAD-based mobile solutions in use by the town to Collector for ArcGIS applications, and training.  Solutions supported based on SGC’s work with the Town of Yarmouth include: publicly accessible parcel map viewer, town-wide data map viewer, mobile catch basin cleaning, mobile outfall inspections, mobile ditch inspections, mobile tree inventory and management, mobile sign inventory and management, mobile wastewater infrastructure inspections, mobile wastewater operations and maintenance, administrative map viewers, and operations dashboards for department managers.

Town of Yarmouth