Environmental Permit Services for Construction – Northwest Reliability Project

The Northwest Reliability Project (NRP) consisted of a series of infrastructure projects directed at improving the reliability of the Vermont high voltage electric transmission system. SGC supported VELCO in obtaining the required environmental permits to construct a 27-mile 115kV line between New Haven and South Burlington, VT and four new or expanded substations along the route.  For construction, VELCO needed a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit and a number of State permits, including a Conditional Use Determination. SGC was responsible for preparing the permit applications and the supporting documentation that included:

•  Site plans showing the limits of disturbance and wetlands for the corridor and off-corridor construction access routes, and removal of existing transmission poles
• An EPSC plan for clearing the corridor and constructing the 115kV line
• Exhibits documenting each wetland impact
• Archaeological sensitive sites to satisfy the State’s Division of Historical Preservation requirements

SGC was responsible for assuring the viability of the access routes with respect to impacts on wetlands and other environmental resources, and archaeological sensitive areas. SGC directed archaeological and environmental consultants to perform the required assessments along the proposed off-corridor access routes. By conducting these assessments, VELCO gained assurance of achieving permit compliance

Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO)