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SGC was contacted by a general contractor that had been hired by the Mills to construct an off the grid hybrid generation system at a large sporting lodge in the 329,000 acres of the North Maine Woods.  The Farm had been run on generators (or nothing) since it was constructed and used as a logging camp in 1914.  The new components of the hybrid system are (2) 10 kW wind turbines, (5) 2 kW solar panels, a 30 kW inverter, automatic transfer switch, and 6600 amp/hours of batteries.   These components were integrated into the existing system of 4 generators and provided with automatic voltage and kW control to maximize the life of the batteries and minimize the use of fuel.  SGC’s scope consisted of evaluation of equipment and materials on site, construction of a one line diagram of the entire Farm, specifications of equipment and materials, development of a scope of work, wiring diagrams, construction coordination, commissioning and start up.  SGC continues to service the Farm in an operation and maintenance capacity.