ROW_Graphic_IndexSGC provides an integrated approach to Route Right-of-Way (ROW) Boundary Surveys.  Coupling advanced surveying techniques with experienced researchers, SGC utilizes GIS and data management techniques to digitally inventory the findings and present them to our clients via password secured web-based maps.  All Route Survey/ROW work is completed in accordance with State law, federal regulations, Agency of Transportation manuals, guidelines and publications, rules of the State Board of Land Surveyors and any unwritten local, state, and/or regional standards of care defined by the practice of the “prudent surveyor”.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Land Surveying
    • Field investigation and reconnaissance
    • Geodetic network establishment
    • Location surveys
    • Statutory surveys
  • Historical ROW research
    • Ownership Determination
    • Existing easement definition
    • Abutting property delineation
  • Land owner notifications
  • GIS data development and delivery
  • Digital image and data capture of records and documents
  • Development of ROW plans and titles
  • Provide expert oral and/or written testimony at meetings, legal proceedings, and at administrative and Legislative hearings
  • Coordinate with local officials, state agencies, consultants and other interested parties
  • Contact and/or meet with property owners of land to be surveyed