SGC understands that a project’s success requires the proper acquisition of easements from private and public landowners. The two main documents related to the acquisition are the easement deed and the certified plat, which shows and quantifies the rights that will be conveyed by the easement.  With any linear project, it is not enough know whether the conveyor of an easement has proper title, it is critical to know exactly where the bounds of the affected property are and that the there are no gaps between the properties.  Ensuring a contiguous right of way is vital to any linear project and this is not a matter for legal, or right of way personnel, it is the domain of the professionally licensed surveyor.

SGC’s staff of professionally licensed land surveyors and certified federal surveyors are experienced in the unique needs of linear projects.  SGC utilizes GIS technologies to properly manage project data, such as the facility, its easement and associated workspaces in relationship to the affected property.  By leveraging this technology, SGC has the  capability of efficiently producing certified plats, whether for a small project with a handful of landowners or a large project of hundreds of miles, impacting thousands of landowners.