HDS_ImageCapturing accurate three dimensional data of complex or inaccessible structures has always been a challenge for those in the design and construction fields. Traditional survey tools and techniques can often be time consuming and lack the level of detail required to support today’s design requirements. The advent of HDS (High Definition Surveying) Laser Scanning has changed this. HDS scanning allows for the rapid capture of extremely dense “clouds” of three dimensional points that accurately define solid surfaces. These point clouds become the framework for developing highly accurate CAD based models that can be utilized by all commonly available engineering design software.

HDS Scanning Applications:

  • As built surveys of inaccessible or hazardous locations
  • Structural analysis of substations, compressor stations and buildings.
  • Mining or stockpile volume monitoring
  • Accurate as-built of complex electrical or mechanical  systems
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Architectural as built surveys and modeling

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